Equipment for SOTA

This section contains mini-reviews of equipment useful for SOTA.  The order is simply when I became aware of the product and had time to do an evaluation or been provided input by another ham who found them useful.


Pocket Earth Pro app for iPhones

For those iPhone users here is a nice mapping software app for finding those pesky trail heads in the boonies.  Pocket Earth Pro app is purchased for $5 one time cost.  You download for free detailed map/road information by state for those you desire.

The plus for my use was the fact that I can plan and route my trip while I have good wifi, estimating the mileage and road time in advance of the trip.  Then when I am out in the boonies and have no cell service I am still able to navigate my planned routes.  The maps reside on your phone, but wifi is needed for the routing step.

N0SA Paddles

These custom machined paddles by Larry are made when he has time in his shop and are not kept in stock.  Made from aluminum and SS they are very durable, light weight, come with lock velcro and a very tough cable/plug that takes the rigors of SOTA.  Using magnetic repulsion the paddle is easy to adjust, holds it's setting and is a joy to use.  Contact Larry at his listed address on QRZ for further information.

Gaia GPS hiking navigation app for iPhones and Android

I have used this app for a couple of years and find it excellent for trail use.  After a one time purchase of $20 you can download maps of your choice in areas of your choice for free.  Map types include topo and many others, check out their website.  Too many features to mention, it is fantastic software and well supported.  I like the rate feature when on a long trail that tells me if I am keeping up with my target minutes/mile plan.  The topo screen shots on this website were made from Gaia.