Taking amateur radio to new heights

Summits on the Air (SOTA) is a worldwide awards program that combines the adventure of mountain climbing and the magic of amateur radio communication in a way that allows people of all physical abilities to participate and enjoy.  Activators climb summits with lightweight radio equipment and communicate with Chasers who operate their stations at home.  Because Activators use low-powered equipment, Chasers need patience and skill to dig the weak signals out of the background noise for successful communication.

SOTA is organized into Associations: geographic areas that can be countries, states, callsign districts or other geopolitical entities.  An Association can be further subdivided into Regions, frequently according to geophysical characteristics and groupings of summits.

WØM - Missouri is a SOTA Association and conforms to the SOTA General Rules as interpreted by the SOTA Management Team.  "Summits-on-the-Air", SOTA and the SOTA logo are copyrights of the Program.