WØM Missouri

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WØM - Missouri is a Summits on the Air (SOTA) Association situated in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) callsign district ZERO (WØ) of the United States and encompasses the entire state of Missouri.  SOTA is now growing rapidly in the USA and around the world after starting in the UK in March 2002.  

WØM - Missouri was established on February 1, 2013 after several months of collaborative development work between the SOTA Management Team in the UK and a small group of interested SOTA enthusiasts in Missouri.  Valuable input was also provided by several existing SOTA Association Managers in the USA.  Much of the success and rapid growth of SOTA can be traced to the enthusiasm and shared experiences of seasoned and new participants.

This website is intended to provide insight into some of the unique characteristics of Missouri Summits and to serve as a resource for all SOTA enthusiasts who might be interested in activating or chasing our Missouri Summits.

WØM-Missouri summits are grouped into three geophysical regions shown below.  The summits are located fortunately near major travel highways of I-44, I-70 and I-55.  So whether you live in Missouri or are vacationing in our area take time to see some beautiful vistas and activate a summit or two.